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Expert calls for adequate medical examination of patients before administering contraceptives

A Consultant Gynaecologist, Dr Ayodele Ademola, on Thursday called for adequate medical examination of patients before administering contraceptives to ascertain the drug and device suitable for their body system.

Ademola, also the Managing Director, Strong Tower Hospital and Advanced Fertility Centre, made call in Lagos on Thursday.

Contraception is the artificial means of preventing reproduction in human beings, even when there is sexual intercourse.

The World Contraception Day takes place on every Sept. 26 with the mission to improve awareness of all contraceptive methods available.

Theme of the 2019 celebration is: “It’s Your Life, It’s Your Responsibility.”

Ademola said that contraceptive/birth control was the use of various devices, drugs, agents, sexual practices or surgical procedures to prevent conception or pregnancy.

He said that contraceptives enable people, couples or families to choose when they want to have a baby, thereby promoting the wellbeing of the involved parties, particularly the woman.

According to him, a range of devices and treatments are available for both men and women that can help prevent pregnancy.

“The varieties of contraceptives make it pertinent that due consultations, medical examinations and biological history of the patient should be carefully carried out to determine the contraceptive that will effectively suit his or her body system.

“Some methods are more reliable than the others. However, effectiveness varies and often depends on how carefully the method is applied and its suitability to the patient,” Ademola said.

Also, a Fertility Specialist, Mrs Aladejare Abimbola, said that the benefits of every contraceptive far outweighs its side effects.

Abimbola, a Gynaecologist working with the Noble Hospital, a Lagos-based fertility centre, said that there was nothing that do not have side effects.

“This is why it is important to examine both the contraceptive and the patient’s historical background to ensure that the proposed contraceptive will have little or no effects on him or her.

“Some times, patients complain of weight gain, missed period, decreased libido, among others, as some of the side effects they experienced from using contraceptives.

“I believe that if one complain about weight gain, there is need to examine the person’s lifestyle.

“This is because, if the person is not actively working or if the person is a full-time house wife that does not do much activities, with or without contraceptives, such person will definitely add weight,” Abimbola said.

She, therefore, urged Nigerians not to avoid contraceptives because of few side effects of some pills, saying that it was a way of controlling child birth in consideration of the economic challenges and hardship in the country.



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