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US teacher confesses to sexually abusing 13-yr-old boys

A newly married female teacher identified as Cassidy Kraus, in Iowa, United States has admitted to sexually abusing students as young as 13.
The 24-year-old teacher who taught at IKM Manning School is facing up to 33 years in prison.
She reportedly got married in July and her husband, Zachary, filed for divorce after one month when the abuse against at least three boys first emerged, according to Fox News.
According to the school officials, Cassidy Kraus tendered her resignation to avoid getting fired.
She pleaded guilty on Monday to one count of third-degree sexual abuse, two counts of lascivious acts with a child and three counts of dissemination and exhibition of obscene materials to minors.
The charges were for sexually abusing and sending obscene Snapchat messages to at least three boys between the ages of 13 and 14.
“Kraus “knowingly disseminated” obscene material” via Snapchat to one boy between January and May 2022, and to two others between January and June 2023 — the latter just before her marriage.
“She committed lascivious acts against a 13-year-old in May 2022 by “fondling or touching” him, according to the complaint, which noted that she was a “mandatory reporter of child abuse as a teacher employed by the IKM-Manning Community School District.”
Kraus also had sexually abused a 14-year-old boy by “performing sex acts” between Jan. 17 and Jan. 31, 2023, officials said.
She is scheduled to be sentenced on March 11, where she faces a maximum of 33 years in prison.

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