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Shippers seek reduction of overweight charges on Nigeria-bound cargoes

Nigerian Shippers have called for the reduction of the overweight charges on Nigeria-bound cargo from China.

The President, Shippers Association of Lagos, Jonathan Nicol, frowned on the steady rise in the cost of shipments of cargoes in Nigeria, which he said is becoming very unfriendly and uncomfortable to the shippers.

He said while shippers are providers of cargo to shipping carriers from different ports of the world, Nigerian Shippers are very dynamic in this trade and should be appreciated by carriers.

Nicol noted that although the carriers have a right to charge on any overweight cargo because of the risks on board, the fee slammed on cargoes from China by French shipping company, CMA CDA Lines, is quite high.

He said Nigeria bound cargo from China is now subjected to $1,000 extra charges for a 1×20’ container shipped with CMA CDA Lines.

He said, while a 20ft container can carry excess of 25 to 27 tons of cargo, it did not attract over weight charges from carriers before, adding that even if it did, it was not as much as $1,000 per 20’ over weight cargo from China.

Nicol, however, linked the sudden increase of charge to a rift between the French shipping company and the Nigerian Shippers’ Council, calling for the issue to be resolved amicably, noting, “the concessions being enjoyed by Nigerian Shippers should not be withdrawn because of a family rift.”

“There are always misunderstandings between family members in a dynamic environment. We solicit a reduction of the overweight charges on our containers, which are not regular as the case may be, but targeted at cargoes from China.

“These special cargoes could be raw materials for industrial purposes. Loading them in piecemeal may have adverse effects on the components. Ordinarily, we should not pay additional cost for such cargo, but shippers will continue to patronise the services of our cherished customers we have traded with for many years without disputes,” Nicol added.

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